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How to Send Bulk SMS Text Messages in Montreal

How to Send Bulk SMS Text Messages in Montreal

Montreal is a cultural diverse city, and with that fact comes big challenges. Montreal marketing companies go through many changes, placement, strategy and promotion just to reach out to all Montrealers. From a language standpoint, French and English are the … Continue reading

How to Send Bulk SMS Text Messages in Canada

SMS Bulk Text Message Canada Pay Mobile Phone

New comers to sms marketing seem to have a cloudy vision when it comes to sending bulk sms. Here at GalaxyText we receive many calls from people who would like to send a blast message to a list that they … Continue reading

86,273 Players Can’t Beat the First Level. Can you?

We recently rolled out a Games Club App where we challenged you, the viewers, to try and beat the first level of the game. The idea behind the game was to mixed in action with point-clic adventures straight on your … Continue reading

Why you need a Mobile Marketing Campaign, even if you’re not ready

You may not think you are ready to launch a mobile marketing campaign, but that it not actually relevant. What is important to know is that your customers are already accessing your website via their mobile phone (or trying to, … Continue reading

Text Message Tips for your Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of GalaxyTexts weekly tips that we send to our clients through email. It’s always good to keep some of these on the side and remember that mobile marketing is primarily a pull strategy, then push. Before sending … Continue reading