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What type of businesses benefit from Text Message Marketing?

In case you didn’t know, the question above in the title was a trick question. The answer to this is that any business can benefit from text message marketing! One of the main hurrdles we have when setting up a … Continue reading

Mobile Marketing defined for Businesses

Simply put, Mobile Marketing is marketing on cell phones. This is what I always tell my clients on our first meeting. I don’t try to over complicate in the beginning with terminology that they’ve never heard of otherwise my clients … Continue reading

2012 London Olympics Gone Mobile

The world has gone mobile and people prefer to access all sorts of information through their handheld gadgets. The 2012 London Olympics this year has already taken all the necessary steps to ensure a mobile friendly following. With their mobile … Continue reading

GalaxyText Mobile Marketing Blog Arrives!

We are happy to announce that GalaxyText has finally added a blog to the site. Although this was one of the items on the “to-do” list last year, we couldn’t come around to the blog because of how busy things … Continue reading