Proximity Mobile Marketing Canada

How proximity Mobile Marketing Canada – Can Fill Your Company With Customers

What’s Proximity Marketing? Proximity marketing uses wireless technologies to deliver messages to individuals chosen by their own proximity to an unique place at that time the concept is sent. Proximity selling is also often called location selling or place-based advertising. The approach could be utilized with blue tooth enabled devices, cellular phones and Internet connections.

Proximity Mobile Marketing Canada

Proximity marketing isn’t an entirely new notion. It’s been utilized by companies for decades. The conventional means of doing place-based advertising contained some of these approaches:

Putting a flyer below the windshield wipers of every automobile in-the parking lot of the shopping mall to declare the opening of the brand new shop.

Putting a flyer with a voucher for a free dessert at a nearby eatery under the wipers of all vehicles parked outside a sporting event.

Making an announcement in a shop or shopping center offering special pricing in a shop or on particular products. (Kmart was famed for their bluelight specials, for example).

Now, most people take with them some form of electronics that facilitates both identification of-the capacity and area for immediate communication. People can simply indicate they need to get offers and messages and be prepared to get applicable and timely special offers, information, coupons or benefits by simply being in the correct spot in the proper time.

The limits on marketing are as broad as your creativity and ingenuity. We’re just starting to see the effects of more creative strategies to or uses of proximity marketing.

Offers and advice can be shipped in a broad selection of formats : text, still photos, animations, video, sound, VCard (business cards) VCal (calendar events).

Proximity Mobile Marketing Canada

Proximity marketing with wireless technology enables you to establish an audience as generally or as narrowly as you want. Consider these examples:

Or you can make the offer only to individuals that have a local area code or only to individuals that have an out of-state area code on the mobile.

You might send a photograph of a discount offer and a guest room to everyone coming through the local place using a device registered outside the local region, should you manage a b & b.