Optimized Mobile Websites Canada

Enhanced Mobile Web sites Essential for Online Success in 2013

Mobile Marketing for 2013 is not merely sms promotion or mobile phone marketing.

With the rise of smartphone utilization and the “mobile” net, many businesses are not realizing the huge amount of traffic coming to their respective sites from mobile devices and smartphones.

Optimized Mobile Websites Canada

That amazing site with excellent images and flash components – seems very nice on desktop computers and laptops. You can spend all day considering and inter – acting with all these expensive devices and delightful pictures and extensions, while sitting in front of your pc.

However, when one is making use of their mobile device and smartphone, all those beautiful display and desktop computer components don’t actually mean much at all.

Why? Easy – desktop websites simply do not look the same on smartphones and mobile phones as they look on that nice widescreen monitor on your desk.

Mobile websites can behave and look like a desktop computer website except that mobile websites are optimized for velocity along with being optimized for the smaller display sizes on smartphones and mobile devices.

Two of the biggest worries of desktop sites not enhanced for viewing on smartphones are, vertical and horizontal scrolling as well as the desktop website being essentially “shrunk” to fit the display of mobile devices.

So, why should one take into account how their site appears and behaves…

Take a look at these information:

There are over 4 million mobile phones in use today
Of these 4 billion, over 1 billion are smartphones
75% of the 1 billion smartphones are either Android powered, or iPhones
Mobile Web usage in the United States has increased 70% in the previous two years
50% of all Nearby internet searches are now done on Mobile Devices and smartphones
As a small business owner, or anyone that is owning a website – the greatest potential to having on-line achievement in 2013 – is to utilize the realistic user behaviours of your website visitors. These consumer behaviours include participating with your site customers through mobile advertising and optimized mobile websites.

Your customers are using their smartphones for about everything – including internet searches, as well as on line purchases.

Mobile phone devices are that… they are mobile – meaning your viewers are possibly mobile or on the go, and just would not have time to fool around with sluggish loading flash, videos and additional web site gadgets.

People on Mobile devices want to get what they want while they are on the move – without needing to use scroll bars and their hands to make the site “larger”on the smartphone display.

But, here is another major problem and problem, Google and the major search-engines can not actually tell if your web site is a mobile version or desktop model.

Furthermore, another vital point is why these leading search engines today look at regular websites and cellular sites as two (2) separate sites.

Optimized Mobile Websites Canada

A mobile website user has a very different search behavior that a desktop internet user.

To sum up, take a look at your site and see how it looks on mobile devices. You need to also examine how their website looks and reacts on multiple cellular devices, ie, Android versus iPhones and Blackberry gadgets. You can find a few respectable mobile website emulators that can do this for you personally.

If your site is not optimized for mobile, think about the tremendous amount of visitors that you are losing due to the possible problems viewing your stunning website on a mobile device.