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Mobile Advertising Canada a new industry

With the rising use of the cell phones, a new industry has emerged which is Mobile Advertising Canada. The statistics have shown that over 100 million text messages are sent on a daily basis. That 97% of text messages are opened in the first 3 minutes. This means the market is open and ready for Mobile Marketing Canada and Mobile Advertising Canada. With 1.7 billion spent on mobile websites in 2009, you need to ask yourself if you are part of that statistic and why do you need to be.

Mobile Advertising Canada mobile websites marketing

Well as a business you should know that there is a redemption rate of 10x with mobile websites marketing versus traditional print coupons. In 2013 more smart phones will connect to the internet than computers. This is technology that companies such as Facebook and Google have implemented in their business strategies. If you’re not mobile you’re missing out.

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Plenty of business will not feel the need to adapt, just like the early days of the internet, but the businesses who did adopt the idea of the internet have grown to heights unreachable in the old days of doing business. So what will it be? A chance to enter a new market and expose your business like never before? Or stay on the same track that is leading to slow sales and low customer engagement? Well one company has a simple answer to that. GalaxyText businesses, which is a Mobile Marketing company located in Montreal, Canada and specializes in text message marketing, mobile websites, mobiles apps, logo designs, website design and more.

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They offer full marketing coverage to get you more customers guaranteed. They are able to track the numbers to show an improvement in buyer traffic as well as ROI. Helping hundreds of businesses so far all across Canada, they are easy to reach, easy to work with and get the job done, welcome to GalaxyText Mobile Advertising Canada.

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