Why text message marketing?

Text message marketing has numerous advantages over traditional forms of advertising. Text marketing or SMS marketing is still an emerging marketing and advertising medium that, until recently, was only cost efficient to large companies and organizations. New technology has made this available to small businesses at a cost investment that is lower than direct mail, newspaper, radio and other forms.

SMS marketing has many benefits such as instant deliver ability, instant Opt-In and Opt-Out, high open rate, high conversion rate, reliability, limitless market potential and most importantly it is entirely green! The return on investment is also measurable which always isn’t the case with the other forms of advertising. Text messages have a 98% read rate, and are typically read within the first 15 minutes of being received. Anyone worried about text disappearing as a marketing tool should consider that 2008 was the first year that text messages outnumbered cell phone calls. Your competitors are using text messaging marketing… are you?

Why choose GalaxyText?

GalaxyText is one of Canada’s first mobile marketing provider. We bring you our vast knowledge on mobile marketing which will help you run successful sms campaigns. It is crucial that you choose a provider who is CWTA certified and approved, who knows the market, worked in various industries and can assist you throughout your campaigns. Most importantly, it’s important that you choose a provider that understands your wants and needs.

GalaxyText also gives you the best prices in Canada largely due to the fact that our platform was developed in-house (Montreal, Quebec). This separates us from our competitors since we are not resellers, and because of this you will always have the lowest rates. Apart from our competitive prices we strive on providing you with the best mobile marketing solutions which in turn will give you all the power you need to reach your customers and beat out your competition.

How can I make sure my customers aren’t going to get spammed?

At GalaxyText we hate spam just as much as the next person. This is one of the many reasons that our service is opt-in only. This means that only the customers that want your messages will receive your messages. No one else. This ensures proper sms etiquette and keeps your customers happy.

Will this cost my customers anything?

No, it’s absolutely free to your customers. A text message marketing campaign is no different to your customers than them receiving a text from their family or friends.

Do I need to be a mobile marketing expert to use your service?

GalaxyText will make sure that you won’t be left out in the rain. Our team of mobile marketing experts will help you get off on the right foot to be able to execute your campaigns effectively even though you’ve never taken a mobile marketing class before!

What kind of technical support do you have?

At GalaxyText we truly believe in not only giving you the technology to see success, but also the resources. Because of this we offer customer support for technical problems, as well as personal mobile consultants at an extra cost who are local area marketing experts and will be able to give you the tricks to the trade to see the best results possible. Remember, your success is our success.

Who decides what gets sent to my customers?

You have the key to the kingdom. At GalaxyText we believe in becoming your biggest resource in connecting to your customers. You will have the right to send whatever you want to your customers as long as it’s relevant to your campaign and is up to 136 characters. At GalaxyText we adhere to the CWTA best practices when it comes to sending text messages, so we will ensure that your messages are being sent in accordance to the CWTA laws.

Alright, this sounds great, but how much does it cost?

GalaxyText believes in designing result driven campaigns that our clients can be proud of. And to prove that we are a results driven company, our revenue matches your mobile success. At pennies per subscriber, your costs match the increase in revenue you will see with mobile advertising.

Did we miss a question? Maybe it’s here?

Do I need to rent your application to send out text messages?
No. GalaxyText makes it affordable for anyone to use our services. The application’s features comes with your monthly subscription.

What is a keyword?
Keywords are awesome tools that allow people to join your mobile list by texting that word to 77223. Text GALAXY to 77223. (Galaxy is the keyword)

Once I register a keyword, for how long do I own it?
Your keyword remains in your account for as long as you make the monthly payments. If you cancel your account, the keyword becomes available for anyone else.

Are there any contracts?
Nope! You pay month to month and you can cancel at anytime.

Can I start with the lower plan and then upgrade if I need more?
Yes, our application makes it very simple to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan. It only takes a few minutes and can be done at anytime.

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?
GalaxyText will be looking to implement a referral/affiliate program in the future.

Which wireless carriers work with GalaxyText’s platform?
GalaxyText Mobile Marketing currently works on all Canadian carriers: Rogers, Bell, Fido, Telus, Virgin, SaskTel and MTS

If I have message credits left over at the end of the month, do they carry-over to the next month?
Message credits included in our plans do not carry over. Each month on your cycle-end date, the credits are reset to your plan amount.

How can I upload, or enter mobile phone #’s to one of my marketing lists?
Subscribers can only be added to your list by sending a text message to your keyword. This process is called the “opting-in“.

Do I need to install some sort of software on my desktop?
No software is required. You work right from GalaxyText’s platform.

What if I need more credits than the monthly package includes?
You are billed for any excess credits at the end of the current cycle.

How fast are messages delivered?
It might take 100,000 lights years to travel across the Milky Way, but it takes seconds to send a text message from our platform. You can say our speed is really out of this world!

Do you sell lists or numbers?
NO, and please don’t ask us where you can buy them. This practice is not condoned by GalaxyText. It’s unethical, breaks our rules & regulations and is illegal. If you’d like to know how to build a list, we can help you.

What mobile devices do you support?
We cover 99% of all mobile devices in Canada.