What We Do

GalaxyText revolutionizes mobile marketing helping businesses of all sizes engage their customers in the best possible way through their mobile devices. Using GalaxyText’s industry-leading solutions, we help marketers and clients strategize, launch and maintain their mobile campaigns and manage their databases through our world-class mobile platform. GalaxyText’s integrated platform is developed by the same programmers who developed the Euro 2012 Mobile Marketing Platform and initiative. We give you the best prices in Canada largely due to the fact that our platform was developed in-house (Montreal, Quebec). Some of our features include survey’s, trivia’s, voting/polling, text-to-screen etc…). You are guaranteed to have the best platform in the world and a new flow of customers.

It’s very simple how text marketing works. We offer you a keyword for your business, you advertise that keyword in your business, on flyers, business cards, windows, counters, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. Your customers see “Text SHOP to 77223” and opt-in by texting the keyword to the shortcode number. Now you can communicate directly to your customers phone with alerts, discounts, coupons, surveys, polling, votes, and much more.

Our business is founded on two ideas, communicating with customers like never before, and being environmentally sustainable. By offering digital marketing on all spectrums we believe this will drastically reduce unnecessary paper consumption. We respect two things, every person we come into contact with, and the planet.

We work really hard at getting things done the right way for our clients. Our goal is to free up our client’s time so that they can concentrate on what’s really important, their business and their customers. As a communication service provider (CSP), our mission is to help companies communicate with as much relevance as possible. When you work with GalaxyText know that you’re working with the premier mobile marketing Company in Canada. We offer advanced technology, services and support to make sure you get nothing but the best.

– Team GalaxyText

Create a mobile marketing campaign with your keyword and advertise it
Send a text message such
as a special offer, or
coupon to your customers
Connect with your
customers and drive them to your store