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Get ready to revolutionize your business with GalaxyText’s cutting edge technology for text message marketing. With GalaxyText, anyone can take advantage of the power of text messaging (SMS)! All you need is an ordinary computer (or mobile phone) with access to the Internet and nothing more.
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In today’s fast-paced world, customers are more on-the-go and better connected than ever before. The best way to engage these customers is through real-time interaction which is via their mobile phones! Expensive and increasingly inefficient direct mails, catalogs and print ads are being replaced by mobile messaging and the mobile web. Mobile text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with unmatched speed and precision. From SMS alerts and promotional messages to mobile coupons and reminder campaigns, GalaxyText makes it easy to build, launch, manage, and analyze mobile campaigns in real-time. You just need to have an internet connection to access our web-based, self-serve platform and there is no need to install any additional software.

The Key Benefits of Using GalaxyText Mobile Marketing

  • bullet Mobile marketing enables you to send text messages to ANY cell phone in Canada
  • bullet Text message personalization – looks like it was personally sent!
  • bullet Over 95% of SMS messages are opened as compared to 10-20% open rate for email.
  • bullet Short text messages are direct, to the point and get the consumer’s full attention
  • bullet Mobile marketing generates significantly higher return on investment as compared to direct mail or email
  • bullet Mobile marketing enables creative, interactive, and engaging campaigns
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Mobile Keywords

A mobile keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies your business. The shorter it is, the better. For example, let’s say the name of your business is JOHNNY’S PIZZA SHACK, and you make awesome home-made pizza’s for the community.
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Your mobile keyword could be PIZZA / JOHNNY / SHACK (upper or lower case does not matter).

In American Idol, you text ‘fantasia’ to 77223. Fantasia = ‘mobile keyword’ 77223 = ‘short code’

When a customer texts the mobile keyword PIZZA to a 5-digit short code number (which in the case of GalaxyText is 77223), they receive an automatic text message (you specify the content) AND they get added to a list that you specify. This allows you to create different offers for different lists. For example, if a customer texts PIZZA to 77223, the customer will immediately receive an automated text response (that you can setup and change at anytime) with information about general physical therapy and get added to one list.

Another customer texts JOHNNY to 77223, the customer will immediately receive an automated text response (that you can setup and change at anytime) with information about your restaurant or whats on your menu. This allows you to create segmented lists and send personalized, relevant messages to your audience. You can setup a different automated response with each mobile keyword.

Any GalaxyText user can immediately create a mobile keyword as long as it’s not already taken by another user (much like owning an internet website name). For this reason, you want to secure your mobile keywords as quickly as possible, before your competitor does. Please note that the keywords are not case-sensitive. After texting the keyword you’ll receive an automated response right back! Unlike traditional email subscriptions, mobile keyword subscriptions are controlled by the end users, your patients. People can subscribe and unsubscribe any time they want. The new emerging mobile culture makes mobile marketing (with keywords) an exciting new frontier with possibilities that exceed regular mail, email marketing and other traditional marketing channels resulting in an over 90% open rate (email averages are only 15-20%) and over 25% response rate.

Short Code: 77223

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Short codes are special telephone numbers that are typically 4 to 6 digits long. Unlike regular 10-digit phone numbers, you cannot call a short code number. They are used for texting purposes only. Short codes act just like any other regular 10-digit phone numbers that you can send text messages to. Typically they are used by businesses, and are provided to consumers who may want to request more information about a product, service, or business. They are often used to tally votes for a contest or sweepstake (like they do in American Idol). You’ve seen mobile keyword and short code technology on TV shows, radio commercials, billboards, print advertising, and websites.

2-Way SMS

Send a text message to customers. When customers reply, you can see their text messages in your GalaxyText account!

  • bullet This can be used for several purposes, including appointment confirmations.
  • bullet Never have to worry about making dreaded confirmation calls
  • bullet Increase productivity and save money by freeing time for more important tasks
  • bullet Text messaging is the least intrusive way for appointment reminders

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Mobile Flash

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Mobile Flash is a convenient way to send text messages to the cell phones of your customers being in front of a computer.

Have something Quick you need to send to your list? No problem. Simply login into our mobile version of the platform to send out your urgent message while on-the-go! Life gets in the way, and not everyone has the time to stay in front of a computer in case of that emergency text that needs to be sent out. Simply login into your Mobile User Account, select your list and click send. It`s as easy as 1-2-3 (literally!).

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Increased Response Rate

Because of this real-time sending, it increases user response rate and interactiveness. It’s also the perfect way to showcase to your customers that your business is on top of the latest technologies.

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Keeps all your customers engaged through regular bulk SMS announcements with anything from coupons, promotions, important alerts to season’s greetings!

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Interactive Communication

SMS Real-Time Texting creates a more interactive and emotional appeal on mobile devices compared to regular marketing material such as flyers and posters.

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Targeted Contact

Send SMS messages to specific target groups based on demographics, interests, or locations. Communicate with your target audience and get your message across right away.

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Personalized Messages

Send unique, customized SMS messages to individual people one at a time so it has the most impact. Make each recipient feel special!

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Save The Planet!

Help save the earth as part of a Go Green initiative with SMS. Sending text messages via mobile phones eliminates the need for paper and expensive direct mailers.

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Seminar, webinar, workshop, etc.

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Specials, new products, upgrades, etc.

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Grand opening, appreciation day, etc.

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Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons represent the most cutting edge method to send exclusive coupons, discounts and special offers directly to your patients’ cell phones! Your customers can now rush to your business and simply show their cell phones to redeem their coupons. With our “done-for-you” swipe and deploy Mobile Coupons, you can create a promotional campaign, broadcast it, and start seeing an immediate increase in patient visits within minutes.

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How it works – it’s as simple as 1-2-3!


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Maximize gains from your marketing dollars with the speed and convenience of mobile coupons. You can now offer incentives like educational resources, discounts / special offers for services and appointment reminders. You can also create unique promotion codes for each individual SMS mobile coupon and track redemption rates and revenue generated. This allows you to precisely track which coupons worked and which didn’t. Now, you can constantly test, tweak and improve the offers presented to your patients.

Appointment Reminders

Since the health of your practice depends upon appointments and patient compliance, mobile text reminders can reduce missed appointments and increase revenue. This is the most effective way to keep your patient schedule full at all times.

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This feature alone will pay for the cost of your membership. GalaxyText’s easy to use text messaging reminder feature allows you to easily queue and send automated appointment reminders via SMS. Your patients will appreciate a text message (instead of a phone call) as a non-intrusive reminder, boosting patient compliance.

It’s perfect for physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists, doctors and massage therapists. Here’s the best part – we give you done-for-you scripts to simply plug-and-play with your GalaxyText account.

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GalaxyText’s appointment reminder service pays for itself with just a single saved appointment and is the most effective (and least expensive way) for you to maintain a full patient schedule. The best part is that any practice or business can get setup and start sending SMS reminders in minutes. All you need is a computer with Internet access! It’s time to let your staff focus on something more important than making repetitive reminder phone calls and never to bother your patients with intrusive phone calls again!

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Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Physicians and Massage Therapists
  • Appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Reminders for patients to take their medications
  • Past due reminders – notice that a payment is past due
  • Event and meeting reminders

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Mobile Voting & Surveys

GalaxyText’s mobile voting/polling and survey capability enables you to create SMS polls and surveys to engage your customers. This feature gives you valuable, real-time insight about your business. As people participate, every vote is categorized, tallied and reflected in your dashboard for you to analyze in real time.

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GalaxyText’s mobile survey capability allows you to create a multiple choice questionnaire with several choices. All your patients need to do to participate in the mobile vote is to text your mobile keyword to 77223. The patient will immediately receive a text message that’s customized by you. This text message will contain the choices the patient can vote for. The patient simply replies back with the number associated with that choice and the response is stored in your account GalaxyText records every vote / reply message and every mobile number in your account. You know who voted, what they voted for and this valuable insight allows you to tailor future messages to them via SMS. Keep in mind that each mobile phone can only vote once to keep the process fair and simple.


Here are some examples of how you can use GalaxyText’s Mobile voting feature:

  • bullet A physical therapist who wants patients to participate in a quick survey to evaluate patient satisfaction
  • bullet A doctor who wants feedback from patients about cleanliness within the clinic
  • bullet A massage therapist who wants feedback from patients about a particular staff member
  • bullet A dentist who wants to ask patients to grade their experience at the front desk and on their initial office visit
  • bullet A chiropractor who wants his patients to vote for the most important reason why they came seeking his/her services.

Mobile Trivia

The GalaxyText platform allows you to create text trivia to send to your list. Your audience can participate in a trivia and try to win a prize by sending a text message to 77223.All information from the participants is automatically updated in your database for future contact. Text contests are preferred by consumers and typically result in more entries than the web, regular mail or phone campaigns. GalaxyText allows you to create mobile trivia to engage and entertain endusers while capturing their responses into your database.
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Lead Generation

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Getting the contact information of customers who are interested in your services should be a top priority for your business. Once you have your own dedicated mobile keyword, use it to attract more customers and prospects to your store.

Forward incoming leads to an email address or directly to a phone and have your staff follow-up with prospects quickly.

You can promote your business in many ways:

  • bullet In your email signature
  • bullet On your car for a free trial membership
  • bullet On your business cards to get a free report
  • bullet On your direct mail postcard or magazine ad
  • bullet Promote your keyword on the radio or television
  • bullet External Signs at conventions, expos, etc.
  • bullet Internal Signs for constant reminders for referrals

Text to Screen

GalaxyText’s text messaging platform enables your audience to text your mobile keyword followed by a message so that it can be projected onto a large screen at your facility in real time. It’s the best way to keep your audience engaged and entertained!

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No more long, boring, one-way presentations. Create polls and quizzes to engage your audience, project answers on to a giant video screen, compel the crowd to participate, and then post the results on that same screen, ALL while collecting consumer data in real time!

QR Codes Control

GalaxyText’s QR Code capabilities are unmatched. We offer UniCode, VCard Code, Numeric Code, Alpanumeric Code and SMS Code. Contact us to find out more about our QR Code Features.

Mobile Subscription

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Build your database by offering Mobile Subscriptions. How does this work? Simple…. we give you a keyword to advertise anywhere for example “Text SHOP to 77223”. Your customers will see your keyword in your store or through external advertising and then texts your keyword to the short code and becomes part of your text club. Now you can send any offer directly to your customers phone because they want you to. Some of the things you can send are:

  • bullet Text specials, coupons & promotions
  • bullet Daily news alerts or weekly reminderss
  • bullet Health and wellness tip of the day

Who does it work for?

“Can mobile marketing work for my business?”. This is a very simple question we receive daily and we have a very simple response; yes, text message marketing works for all industries. For example: 77223.

Here are some examples

  • bullet Restaurants
  • bullet Night Clubs
  • bullet Retails
  • bullet Real Estate
  • bullet Recruiting Agencies
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  • bullet Opting in is easy for the customers and it’s a fast way for businesses to obtain customers’ contact info.
  • bullet Customers opting into the program WANT to receive your specials and promotions.
  • bullet Once the promotions are set up, the business owner can quickly send out mass text messages to all the customers with the click of a button. This saves time and money.
  • bullet Increased engagement with customers leads to higher retention and improved customer satisfaction.
  • bullet Automate the timing of special promotions to go out during downtime and increase customer volume in a matter of hours (not days).