Mobile Websites

GalaxyText’s experienced mobile website team is here to create you a “ready for mobile marketing” website. In the past we’ve offered our users the option to use our software to create their own mobile sites, however, this proved to be time consuming. GalaxyText has decided to offer services from our mobile website experts. We believe in keeping things simple which is why we make the process much easier by including this as an option for our clients. Take advantage of the ever growing use of mobile phones and internet surfing by having a mobile site ready for your customers. Here are some of the features:

    • Create mobile websites with multiple pages
    • Create a demo page
    • Include images
    • Simple widget on your page
    • Table of content page

If you feel you need a much more complex mobile website, don’t worry, our team has the experience to create high quality mobile sites. Depending on the size of your business and the product/services you sell, it will determine what kind of site you will need. Go to our contact form and submit your request here.