Core Values

GalaxyText’s dedication to our customers and the work space
is due to the core values we believe in. Since 2011 we’ve
used these core values in trainings and business meetings.
It sets the foundation of who we are as a company.

1. Integrity – We believe this is the foundation of success. Have integrity with everyone you deal with. Act with honesty and sincerity.

2. Communication – We are an organization that is horizontal which makes communication much easier and less formal. All employees, no matter at what level, are communicated to directly. This brings about relationships that are rich and vibrant.

3. Respect – Giving due respect to self, and others maintains an environment of team work and growth. Everyone’s opinion is valued and every request or suggestion is taken into consideration.

4. Transparency – All information, business related, should be shared. An organization with integrity is an organization that is transparent.

5. Environmental sustainability – We care about our planet and so should you. We provide all the necessary tools to keep the office environmentally friendly.

6. Accountability – Whether you deal with a manager, a fellow employee, or with a vendor, you are accountable for your actions which influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers.

7. Fun – Having fun and celebrating small successes in our journey to achieve big. We never liked working under pressure, nor is that our strategy. We believe in having fun with your work which inspires you to be creative.

8. Balance – Work-life balance is so important, it is the lack of freedom in our society that has made generations miserable. We encourage that work be left at work, and no work at home. This leaves room for a healthy life-style.

9. Learning – At GalaxyText, learning is part of the experience. You learn something new every day and with technology advancing learning inspires innovation.

10. Efficiency – Being efficient and effective in our approach to give best solution each time. If you can focus on a single task for 40 minutes you’ll be amazed at what you get done.