Communicate directly to your customers with text message marketing

Mobile Marketing using text messaging is our main focus. Such a small cost to reach out to your customers can make a huge impact on your revenue.

You will send messages to your customers using our user friendly platform. Just log in, choose your campaign, create your message and send.

We offer the option of handling your campaigns for you. This is for businesses who don’t have a whole lot of time on their hands. You simply send us an email with the message you want to send, time and day, and we deliver. No errors, no confusion, and no technical support. For those who prefer to do it themselves we have account managers ready to call you and walk you through the process.

Every business absolutely needs a mobile website

In Canada mobile website usage is growing so fast yet businesses are still focusing on getting a traditional website. You are able to pay your bills on your phone, purchase items, download videos, video message and a whole lot more.

If your business or organization doesn’t have a mobile friendly website there is no need to worry, we’ll help you out. Depending on your business size and what you offer we will customize your program to make sure you get a mobile website that is perfect for your customers.

Optimize your Mobile Website with Mobile SEO

More and more people are doing searches via their Mobile and if your website is not Mobile SEO friendly you can be missing out to your competitors. If you’re attracting users to your Mobile Website it needs to be easy to navigate and get relevant information across to your customers.

Keep in mind your desktop website does add to your Mobile SEO traffic and the industries that are heavily being searched via the Mobile are local business such as dinning and night life, retail, and general merchandise. The goal is incorporate your current SEO strategy with that of mobile search engine optimization and ensure that you’re planting the roots for  mobile browsing future.

Mobile Apps drive purchasing on iPhones and Tablets

Mobile Apps serve as a multipurpose tool for any business or organization. Essentially the goal is to drive revenue from different channels and having an Mobile App can do precisely that such as location-based services, mobile-only games, and mobile commerce applications

Large scale companies with multiple locations can find benefits of driving traffic to it’s location with the use of Geo-targeting, while retail can incorporate a click to purchase option with updated inventory.

Get your business to the next level with Digital Consulting

We offer a wide range of Digital Marketing services from videos for your website, to a complete restructure of your website, re-branding, logo design, and anything else your business might need.

When it comes to online advertising businesses have no idea where to start or the difference between SEO and SEM. We make everything clear and explain to you what is only relevant for your business. Need SEO for your business? We deal with the most effective networks to maximize your presence online and on Google Mobile. We make sure your business is running the way it should, optimized, visible, and getting quality rich traffic to your website.

This is the age of mobile, and everything you will be doing will be attached to your cell phone. We have begun to see the changes in technology, and the advancement of mobile usage. American idol was one of the first shows to utilize text messaging for voting. Now Google has made public everything they do will be geared towards the mobile phone. Many businesses have followed and Facebook is the next giant to focus entirely on their mobile strategy.

It’s time now for businesses to take advantage of this technology, to not only save money but to grow their business on a whole new level. At GalaxyText we offer all the necessary tools to make that happen for your business. So don’t wait, contact us now to find out how we can help you.