Linkedin Mobile Marketing Sharing

Growing your mobile subscriber list can be a challenge, which is why GalaxyText gives you a handful of tools to grow your list both on the internet and in-store. Since GalaxyText makes it easy to grow your list, you just have to figure out what to send to all of your new SMS subscribers.

The Linkedin feature is great when you have a product you want to talk about and share it with your Linkedin connections. Alternatively, if you’re a recruiting agency you can get your message out both on mobile and Linkedin to maximize reach and fill a position.

Linkedin Mobile Sharing

Twitter Mobile Sharing SMS Mobile Marketing
GalaxyText gives you the ability to quickly and easily grow your SMS subscribers with one click by sharing your campaign on Twitter with all of your connections. All you need to do is integrate GalaxyText’s platform with your current account in two easy steps:

1). In the “User” account go to the social networks section and click on the Linkedin icon to sign into your account. You will need to “authorize” and allow the API connection so sign in like you normally do in Linkedin.

2). While composing a text to send to your list, make sure to check off “Linkedin” under social networks and then click send.

That’s it! You have sent a message to your list informing them of a new campaign to opt-in to. The best part about this is that GalaxyText pre-populates each Facebook post with exactly what is required by the Canadian wireless carriers to comply with their terms of service.