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Mobile Marketing – Text Message (SMS) Program

Many of our clients wish to offer a Text Message service but don’t have the time, experience or skills to create the back-end tools. GalaxyText’s renowned turnkey reseller system enables anyone to offer Text Message Marketing. You basically get our advanced but user-friendly platform, and you get the best prices in the industry which only means one thing; a bigger bottom line.


We offer two programs:

1). SMS Reseller Program
2). White Label (Private Label) Program

Our main focus is achieving our clients goals, so this part is of major importance. There are key factors, which change how we conduct our text message process; through complex needs analysis which ensures we use the right techniques. We take your inquiries and determine what would best suit your needs and make you the most profit. Whats the difference between the two programs above? The SMS reseller is a basic setup while the white label is a more branded approach. If you would like to learn more about the two then simply send us an email here.

Launch Your Own Branded Group Text Messaging Service Today!

Advanced Mobile Marketing FeaturesTypical private label partners of ours include marketing agencies, associations, and entrepreneurs.

So, what do you get as a private label seller?

You will receive a site that is fully branded with the look and feel of your business, but with the power of GalaxyText SMS platform. You can decide if you want to host the platform on your own dedicated domain, or we can simply host the site for you.

Your private label site will receive full functionality of back-end administrative tools, and you will be able to use the shared shortcode 77223. Here are the perks with private label:

bullet Back-end reporting tool
bullet Use of shared short code 77223
bullet Private label branding for your own mobile marketing site
bullet Hosted (or dedicated) site with continuously enhanced software additions
bullet Full customer service
bullet Set your own pricing

When you join our Private Label Program we deploy and maintain a copy of our industry leading application on your own dedicated URL. We replace all GalaxyText branding with your own creative and look & feel.

Ready to learn more? Click here to contact us, or give us a call at 1-888-745-8398.


If you’re looking for a private label solution on a dedicated shortcode / short code, we’ll walk you through the 6 – 8 week carrier provisioning process. Applying for a shortcode is no easy task, however we will make the application process smooth and simple. With several years of provisioning we’re able to provide an SMS Gateway and Shortcode Hosting to make things a little easier for Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs. click here.

White Label (Private Label) Program Benefits

Your customers and clients will never know that they’re using GalaxyText’s industry leading group text messaging platform. You supply us with logos, banners, and more and we’ll build you a text messaging application that’s all your own.

You set the pricing for your private label application. When you partner with GalaxyText we treat you like a true partner – and that means you can price Credits, Keywords and Packages the way you want to. We don’t require you to purchase Credits and Keywords when you start. Instead, when your clients and customers make purchases you simply earn the difference between our costs and your prices. We will also suggest strategies that will make you the most money. Through trial and error we learned what works best for the Canadian market.

We’ll set your account up quickly. When you’re ready to become a Private Label Partner we can get you up and running in days. Our dedicated team of Private Label support specialists will guide you through every step of the process, from conception to creative to launch.

Click here to contact us, or give us a call at 1-888-745-8398

Reseller Program

SMS Reseller For the SMS reseller program, you would basically use GalaxyText’s packages/rates and mark-up on your customers/clients. The pricing for our SMS reseller option is available through email. You would set up a traditional account and just manage everything on behalf of your clients, so they do not see our interface in any way. You would pay our rates, and charge your clients anything above to make your profit.

GalaxyText constantly provides updates to the platform, new features and innovative marketing strategies at no additional cost. Become a partner with GalaxyText today. Sign up below:

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