Tablet Mobile Apps Canada

4 iPad Tablet Mobile Apps to increase Your List

Tablet computers have existed for a while, but the latest addition of Apple’s iPad is transforming the landscape. While there are hundreds of apps for cellphones, the tablet applications are fewer and further between. A mobile phone application ‘can’ focus on a tablet apparatus but to truly fill out the bigger screens, they need to be reworked or developed specifically for these tablet devices. Check the Apple market for the iPad apps, and some may rise to the best of your checklist. Here are 4 that created the listing in our evaluation.

Tablet Mobile Apps Canada

1) iBook – Apple Inc. Free

The iBook application enables on the shelf you to choose your guides everywhere with you. Books can be bought by you from the iBookstore or you can transfer present e-books that use the ePub format (the most popular open book format in the world!) so you may never go a day without something to see. This application is definitely a must have for anyone who loves to read.

2) Keynote – Apple Inc.

$9.99 This application gets a 4 star review due to the simplicity of use and usefulness of having a PowerPoint application in your inside pocket. Keynote can manage any PowerPoint you throw at it and can add custom images, designs, animations and effects.

3) Todo – Appigo

$4.99 Todo allows you to keep up with your “To Do” listings and means that you never forget something again. It synchronizes with an account on ToodleDo and allows collaborators to enhance the listing if you need to.

Tablet Mobile Apps Canada

4) iThoughts HD (mindmapping) – CMS

$9.99 iThoughts HD may be the best mind mapping application on the market. Common uses for this application are brainstorming, project planning, target setting, concept mapping and making job lists; A good way to organize information, tips and feelings visually. One extra feature which makes this app so special is the very simple to use touchscreen capabilities.


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