email Sms marketing

Mobile SMS and Email Marketing

With almost everybody owning a mobile phone, making use of mobile SMS advertising is a really compelling proposition. Even more so if it is used by you together with a smart well focused e-mail campaign. Both e-mail marketing and SMS are similar in that they are both great for one to one communications with your customers and they also function on a permission based theory.

email Sms marketing

Your customers don’t have to have smart phones either. So you’re not missing out on all of your market a text message will be received by a standard mobile phone.

So how would you use it?

Well, for example if you are an event business and you have sent your contact foundation about a special event that you are working, you can follow this email on the actual day of the event with a Text information to prompt individuals to go there. These communications become a fantastic reminder and will create an enormous big difference to footfall at the event.

It also works well for restaurants. You may have sent an e-mail about your personal dining offer and you deliver them information on the offer via a text, when individuals have registered for your offer. Businesses like Pizza Hut do this all the time.

There are certain restrictions when making use of text messages to market your business in that you cannot connect to movie or other media content. This implies that you must be a bit more creative with your copy, retain your message succinct because of the limited characters that are available, ensure that you have obtained the permission of your contacts for receiving text emails and that there’s also an opt-out facility if individuals do not wish to receive your text messages anymore.

One of the significant benefits of Text advertising is the available charges. They’re substantially higher than those for email promotions and studies have shown that over 90% of cellular phone users start a text message within 15 minutes of getting it. Reaction prices are good as well.

email Sms marketing

Email marketing together with cellular SMS marketing are very affordable ways of providing your company messages and special offers for your customers. Additionally they get you even nearer to your target market, providing you opportunities to foster that connection. Building your opt-in Text marketing list is a challenge but with the correct guidance it’s a strategy that can make your marketing efforts very productive.


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