mHealth improves the efficiency of treatment and outcomes for providers


Although we have covered a little bit of the health industry in our “Services” section, it deserves it’s own detailed page. In Canada, mobile technology is greatly improving the healthcare system by enhancing care delivery, improving patient outcomes, reducing medical errors, and cutting costs. The potential to improve healthcare services in Canada rests in the hands of mobile marketing. mHealth(Mobile health) technologies focus on improving point-of-care capabilities for primary care, emergency care, and long-term monitoring of chronic health conditions. The point of mHealth is to make medical technologies efficient and accessible to the doctor or patient, therefore providing quick results for immediate assessment. It doesn’t matter what practice you’re involved in, what you specialize in, mHealth can help you.

How it works:

1. Health Programs – Increase efficiency of preventive care by sending tips on smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise and weight loss.

2. Health Alerts – Inform members about flu shot availability, mobile services such as blood drives and mammogram truck schedules and information on pandemics.

3. Reduce Costs – Welcome kits, plan updates and explanations of benefits can be communicated electronically in place of costly channels such as direct mail and call centers.

4. Appointment reminders – Automate appointment reminders using text messaging.

5. Rx Reminders – Send refill reminders to at-risk patients such as the elderly and expectant mothers, as well as track ROI for coupon redemption.

6. Billing – Use the Galaxytext’s platform to update patients on their account balances.

7. Marketing – Use the GalaxyText’s  platform to drive consumers into your facility.

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