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Marketing Canada for professional marketers

Marketing Canada
Marketing in Canada is taking a heavy hit. More and more Canadians are using their smartphones and professional marketers are trying to figure out how to engage with this large crowd. The answer is simple; Mobile Marketing. You can now use text message marketing also known as sms marketing to engage with your customers.

Marketing Canada for positive engagement

The positive engagement along with customer loyalty will keep you ahead of your competitors who are still using old marketing Canada channels. Canadians are always on their iphones, ipads, blackberrys, androids and even the people that are using their regular feature phones are still on it almost 50% of the time during the day.

Marketing Canada

Marketing Canada Text message marketing, Sms marketing & sms marketing canada
All these phones are texted enabled which means that companies can send text messages to these phones and communicate like never before. Old traditional marketing is fine, however, adding mobile marketing to the mix will revolutionize your current marketing in Canada. The key is to use a professional mobile marketing company like GalaxyText. At GalaxyText we provide all the necessary mobile marketing tools needed for you to move away from traditional internet, web-based marketing to the new world that’s gone mobile.

Marketing Canada to a new audience

Canadian schools are now offering courses in their marketing departments for mobile which shows the shift that Canada is taking to reach out to a new audience. This untapped marketing is essential to gain a competitive edge in Canada. Let GalaxyText help you achieve this through the use of mobile web sites, mobile apps, text message or sms message marketing, QR codes and much more from GalaxyText Marketing Canada.


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