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Mobile Flash

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Mobile Flash is a convenient way to send text messages to the cell phones of your clients and patients without being in front of a computer. Have something Quick you need to send to your list? No problem. Simply login into GalaxyText’s mobile version of the platform to send out your urgent message while on-the-go! Life gets in the way, and not everyone has the time to stay in front of a computer in case of that emergency text that needs to be sent out. Simply login into your Mobile User Account, select your list and click send. It`s as easy as 1-2-3 (literally!).

SMS Marketing (Text Message Marketing) is not suppose to be difficult, and GalaxyText took one step further to make life easy for users by creating a mobile version of the platform. Through any smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, or Windows) or tablet (ipad, Windows tablet, Galaxy Tab) users can simply login via the SMS platform’s mobile website and go through our quick 1-2-3 step to send a message on the go!

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Increased Response Rate

Because of this real-time sending, it increases user response rate and interactiveness. It’s also the perfect way to showcase to your customers that your business is on top of the latest technologies.

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Keeps all your customers engaged through regular bulk SMS announcements with anything from coupons, promotions, important alerts to season’s greetings!

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Interactive Communication

SMS Real-Time Texting creates a more interactive and emotional appeal on mobile devices compared to regular marketing material such as flyers and posters.

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Targeted Contact

Send SMS messages to specific target groups based on demographics, interests, or locations. Communicate with your target audience and get your message across right away.

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Personalized Messages

Send unique, customized SMS messages to individual people one at a time so it has the most impact. Make each recipient feel special!

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Save The Planet!

Help save the earth as part of a Go Green initiative with SMS. Sending text messages via mobile phones eliminates the need for paper and expensive direct mailers.

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Seminar, webinar, workshop, etc.

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Specials, new products, upgrades, etc.

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Grand opening, appreciation day, etc.

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