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Everyone is having a debate about mobile phones- from video games to applications, smart phones and access to the internet! I wanted to list down a couple of Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada to determine what’s really going on and what the possibilities are for companies. Everyone knows that it is a huge business, but do you know the areas that are thriving, and what’s coming next? The most intriguing thing about cell phones is that it passes across several sectors that nobody can neglect – from website development, commerce, promotion, video, programs and not to mention – as a conversation tool.

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The cell phone gaming increased to 214% from 08 to 09, and provided the advancements being made by the key gaming participants lately; I’d assume this to rise even more this year. In fact, Microsoft’s decision to present X-Box through the cellular platform is a clear indicator of the growth in Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada.

So you’re serious in the area of portable gaming?

As well as offering more traditional-style advertisements in cellular games, there’s also significant potential for businesses to get innovative with their mobile marketing strategies, for instance purchasing items in the game itself, however this might be for the more advanced. The studies conducted by research organizations about Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada are certainly motivating for those who would like to get involved in the cellular space. Earnings from cell phone gaming is likely to increase to $1. 5 billion dollars by 2014 because of variety of paid downloads, solutions purchased in the online games, and marketing revenues. As the young generation has started to make use of smart cell phones as they quickly drop in value, you can observe the large potential here. Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada are a new area for many companies, but a profitable one nonetheless.


Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada – Travel sector:


mobile marketing trends in canada ,mobile sms marketing canada

The case for traveling companies to utilize cellular advertising is an apparent one. By the very dynamics of the way you use your cell phone – while you’re away from home -you’re likely to need access to a travel company, for vacation updates, timings of trains etc. But cell phones have made us communal creatures, we love to share as we move, uploading pictures of our trips, tweeting along the way etc. This has added to the current trend in portable access to travel companies. An enormous 54% of buyers made use of their cell phones to access traveling sites in May 2010 which is growing as much as 125% every twelve months. And travel providers have made the improvements in location based solutions to make profits out of these latest Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada. Looking for mobile marketing platform Canada? Learn More about Mobile Marketing Trends In Canada.



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