Mobile Marketing in Canada White Label

Mobile Marketing in Canada White Label

White Label SMS Mobile Marketing (also known as Private Label SMS Marketing Mobile) Program Benefits

In a world gone mobile, you need to ask your entrepreneurial mind what’s the next step in your business venture; Mobile Marketing. Everyone has a phone with them, literally 24/7. People east sleep walk breath and live mobile. Studies have shown that the average cell phone user is completely withdrawn from every day activities if he/she is missing their mobile phone. With this kind of behavior entrepreneurs and brick&motor businesses need to see the potential to tap into a market that has yet been touched.

Due to the rise of mobile marketing, GalaxyText can provide you a Mobile Marketing in Canada White Label package completely customized to your needs. Your customers and clients will never know that you’re using GalaxyText’s industry leading group text messaging platform. You supply us with logos, banners, and more and we’ll build you a text messaging application that’s all your own.

You set the pricing for your private label application. When you partner with GalaxyText we treat you like a true partner – and that means you can price Credits, Keywords and Packages the way you want to. We don’t require you to purchase Credits and Keywords when you start. Instead, when your clients and customers make purchases you simply earn the difference between our costs and your prices. We will also suggest strategies that will make you the most money. Through trial and error we learned what works best for the Canadian market.

We’ll set your account up quickly. When you’re ready to become a Private Label Partner we can get you up and running in days. Our dedicated team of Private Label support specialists will guide you through every step of the process, from conception to creative to launch.

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