Mobile Subscription

Mobile Subscription

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Build your database by offering Mobile Subscriptions. How does this work? Simple…. we give you a keyword to advertise anywhere for example “Text SHOP to 77223”. Your customers will see your keyword in your store or through external advertising and then texts your keyword to the short code and becomes part of your text club. Now you can send any offer directly to your customers phone because they want you to. Some of the things you can send are:

bullet Text specials, coupons & promotions
bullet Daily news alerts or weekly reminderss
bullet Health and wellness tip of the day

Who does it work for?

“Can mobile marketing work for my business?”. This is a very simple question we receive daily and we have a very simple response; yes, text message marketing works for all industries. For example: 77223.

Here are some examples

bullet Restaurants
bullet Night Clubs
bullet Retails
bullet Real Estate
bullet Recruiting Agencies

Canadian text message marketing


bullet Opting in is easy for the customers and it’s a fast way for businesses to obtain customers’ contact info.
bullet Customers opting into the program WANT to receive your specials and promotions.
bullet Once the promotions are set up, the business owner can quickly send out mass text messages to all the customers with the click of a button. This saves time and money.
bullet Increased engagement with customers leads to higher retention and improved customer satisfaction.
bullet Automate the timing of special promotions to go out during downtime and increase customer volume in a matter of hours (not days).