Mobile Voting, Mobile Polling and Mobile Survey

Mobile Voting & Surveys

GalaxyText’s mobile voting/polling and survey capability enables you to create SMS polls and surveys to engage your customers. This feature gives you valuable, real-time insight about your business. As people participate, every vote is categorized, tallied and reflected in your dashboard for you to analyze in real time.

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GalaxyText’s mobile survey capability allows you to create a multiple choice questionnaire with several choices. All your patients need to do to participate in the mobile vote is to text your mobile keyword to 77223. The patient will immediately receive a text message that’s customized by you. This text message will contain the choices the patient can vote for. The patient simply replies back with the number associated with that choice and the response is stored in your account GalaxyText records every vote / reply message and every mobile number in your account. You know who voted, what they voted for and this valuable insight allows you to tailor future messages to them via SMS. Keep in mind that each mobile phone can only vote once to keep the process fair and simple.


Here are some examples of how you can use GalaxyText’s Mobile voting feature:

  • bullet A physical therapist who wants patients to participate in a quick survey to evaluate patient satisfaction
  • bullet A doctor who wants feedback from patients about cleanliness within the clinic
  • bullet A massage therapist who wants feedback from patients about a particular staff member
  • bullet A dentist who wants to ask patients to grade their experience at the front desk and on their initial office visit
  • bullet A chiropractor who wants his patients to vote for the most important reason why they came seeking his/her services.