Montreal Marketing

Montreal Marketing from restaurants to fashion stores

Considered the Paris of North America, Montreal is a unique city with a diverse population. Like the multi-cultural population, businesses are very diverse themselves bringing different flavors from restaurants to fashion stores.

Montreal Marketing is essential for businesses

In such a diverse city, marketing is essential for businesses, small and large, to grow and adapt to change. So how do you capture the attention of your customers? The answer is Mobile Marketing. It doesn’t matter where your customers come from, what language they speak or how old they are.


Montreal Marketing common means in Canada

They all have one thing in common and that is they have a cell phone. When someone leaves the house they take their keys, their wallet, and of course their cell phone. No one leaves without it which means they carry it all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to tap into an untouched market and expose your business like never before? Well GalaxyText Montreal Marketing, a Montreal based Mobile Marketing company, allows for such technology. They offer text message marketing which is the ability to text a keyword to a number for example “Text SHOP to 77223”.

Advertising Agency Canada Mobile Advertising Canada Montreal Marketing

This is an extremely cost effective and a rewarding tool to engage your customers and get them coming to your store more often. They also offer logo designs, marketing material, digital consulting, mobile apps, SEO, mobile websites, website design you name it. GalaxyText has strategized with large corporations to reach their marketing goals, and have consulted small business on the direction of their company. They offers their services in French as a primary language but as well as English. GalaxyText is Montreal’s premier Montreal Marketing company.

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