Real Estate and Dealerships


Market your listings and inventory with a mobile marketing strategy


A great misconception with real estate and car dealerships is initial point of sale. Someone might notice a house for sale that is to their liking. They find out the basement is not finished and quickly move on. The same goes for a car shopper who notices something they like only to find out the millage on the car is not what they are looking for. Our eyes are indulged by what we see before we move into inquiring about details. Real estate and car dealerships need to find the right solution to keep that interested customer looking at what else they have to offer. With Mobile Marketing Strategy for Real Estate & Dealerships you can build and maintain a list of interested and engaged costumers. Building the one-to-one connection by simply putting a mobile call to action in your existing media outreach can work wonders with minimal time and investment. GalaxyText will consult and guide you on building a strong mobile campaign to keep that interested customer looking at what you have to offer.

Real Estate:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Mobile flyer and mobile card
  • Virtual tours
  • Auto-Rrsponders

Car Dealership:

  • Recording the phone numbers of consumers for future promotions
  • Promoting new dealership campaigns
  • Real-time response to gauge the effectiveness of promotions
  • Targeting the younger generation
  • Building a database for future campaigns
  • Advertising additional services
  • Increasing the overall sales of cars, and service returns

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