Step ahead of the restaurants in your area by going mobile.


Whether it’s to fill up your restaurant on a slower night or keeping your loyal customer coming in more frequently,  Mobile Marketing Strategy for restaurants is a must for your business. The number one key to success with any type of restaurant business is to have your customer feel appreciated. Statistics show that only 25% of consumers would solely return based on the food you serve. Integrating an innovative mobile marketing strategy will dazzle your consumers and surely delight them with a memorable experience.

The power of a keyword & short code for restaurant industries is endless. GalaxyText’s experience in the restaurant sector runs deep. We have worked with a variety of restaurants, and have retained valuable information to help your mobile marketing strategy succeed. Our strategy is guaranteed to land your business new clients.

Here is what you can do:

  • Mobile originated coupons
  • Track effectiveness
  • Expose menus like never before
  • Scan for advice QR codes. (need more advice on a particular wine, scan QR code for descriptions)
  • Customer satisfactory surveys
  • Vote4Dish
  • Theme night notifications
  • Counter promos
  • VIP reservation services

The exposure of a mobile marketing strategy is endless and is sure to help all different types of restaurants.  Get started today.

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