Boost branding, engage customers using text messaging solutions.


What will differentiate your spa, hair salon or optometry clinic? For starters, proper location based on client need, price, quality and the obviously service. Mobile marketing will definitely boost your business and differentiate you from your competitors. Most service based companies seemingly shy away from traditional retail advertising. You are less likely to see a coupon in your weekly flyers regarding a spa then you would with a restaurant. Service advertising does not work mixed in with other retail services. This is why Mobile Marketing Strategy for Services can greatly improve and help expose your business without investing big money using traditional methods. GalaxyText can work hand in hand with you to develop and strategize a structured mobile campaign to help engage new and existing customers.

How it works:

  • Grow your clientele using keyword and short code strategies
  • Manually introduce clients into your promotional programs
  • Introduce eCoupons to your client base
  • Help automate scheduling and customer follow ups
  • Promotions can be offered directly to your existing customers
  • Company improvement surveys
  • Mobile friendly website creation
  • Location marketing helping customers find your services

These are just a few examples of the vast opportunities mobile marketing will have on your business. GalaxyText has worked extensively helping different companies launch and maintain successful mobile marketing strategies and campaigns.

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