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SMS Marketing Canada

If your retail business or restaurant hasn’t begun to use Sms marketing Canada yet, you might as well plan on giving away extra holiday income to your competitors who do use Sms marketing Canada.

“Put your message where the eyes are.”

Thanks to the popularity of today’s smart phones, marketing experts are predicting that more holiday shopping than ever will take place on the mobile phone.

Newspapers and television advertising is expensive and is getting harder and harder to get a good Return on Investment. Email campaigns just aren’t effective anymore with an open-rate of marketing emails between 10-20% on average. Text messages on the other hand are opened 97% of the time and 83% within the first hour!

This means that if you’re not using Sms marketing Canada to promote your advertising messages that you’re not getting your marketing messages in front of your audience as often as you think.

Sms marketing Canada mobile text marketing

So how can your company harness the power of Sms marketing Canada in time for the holiday rush?

Sign-up for Sms marketing Canada and start your mobile marketing campaign in September to build more brand awareness during these important months and to generate more sales in December.

Offer incentives and discounts for the consumers who opt-in to your text messages. Most people this holiday season will be on the lookout for  great deals – and if your texts deliver on your promise, your holiday opt-in rates will skyrocket

Promote your Sms marketing Canada on your social media sites, in your location with signs and banners, on your website, on YouTube and get the word out now.

Think about this: If you’re a retail store- how powerful would it be to send out text message incentives to your customers to tell them about extra discounts and perks they get when they’re out holiday shopping?

If you’re a restaurant who sells gift certificates, why not promote them via Sms marketing Canada and give your loyal customers extra incentives to buy gift certificates at a discount, or ask them to drop by after a long day of holiday shopping to have a free drink?

The marketing possibilities are endless. You can get text messaging services for your retail shop. Learn More about Sms marketing Canada.


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