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How to prepare an SMS App Marketing In Canada campaign?

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Whether your app is new or not, there is still place for an SMS marketing campaign or SMS marketing providers Canada,  if you haven’t done one yet. The only thing you need is a little bit of time, creativity and persistence. There are various strategies you can use, be it classic apps or SMS App Marketing In Canada.

Then, you have to look at what SMS App Marketing In Canada strategies you can use. Some may not be suitable for you, while others may cost you some penny. Prepare your budget scale and then plan more useful marketing strategies you can actually pay for, whilst simultaneously looking around for the great free communication channels as well.

There are plenty of ways to market your app, but here are a few ideas of how you can market it at little cost.

  • SMS App Marketing In Canada – Social Media Marketing

Well, you can’t argue – social media is still a very useful tool in marketing; you can easily feel the connection with your fans or players and you can also get in touch with friends of your fans. Your’s app social media profile is a must have communication tool. With it, you can easily spread your news, updates, discounts or special features. You can then promote those posts, even with low budget – especially on Facebook.

Whilst updating your social media profiles regularly with information about your released or upcoming apps, you can interact with your chosen demographic and build connections with others.

A cool example of this tool in SMS App Marketing In Canada comes down to simple customer interaction on Twitter: You search for the phrase ‘best mobile games,’ and find a twitter account that asks their followers for their favorite games. You could directly reply to this, and a reply back or a retweet would then show your twits and your game to all of their followers. If you push yourself to search for a tweet to reply to every day, you may find yourself bringing in a lot more interest in your app, and that will bring in more downloads.

SMS marketing providers canada mobile text marketingting

  • SMS App Marketing In Canada Review Websites

There is a special group of websites on the internet aimed on previewing, reviewing and commenting mobile apps and games. There are literally tons of those websites with high amount of visitors coming every single day.

Some of those sites are free, some of them offer you a paid promotion. There are also various Mobile App Marketing in Canada review sites you can contact and try to work with them. Don’t hesitate to send your press release or press kit to various journalists!

  • Mobile App Marketing in Canada – App Store Optimization

Also called the modern SEO, App Store Optimization (or ASO) is the key of successful app. This process is based on the selection of proper keywords, screenshots, icons, descriptions, headlines, titles and so on. Basically everything you can imagine on the App Store or Google Play.

Another option to improve the image of your mobile app or game store presentation is to catch five star reviews from your customers or players. You can do that for example by adding a special popup directly in your app asking kindly for a rating or review. The best placement for such popup is after some great user experience or satisfaction step – for example after completing a level or a tutorial in your game.

  • Make yourself a strong brand

And last and the most important stage in your marketing strategy is to build upon your own brand name – whether it is your app’s name or your’s company. Be talkative with your clients or players, listen to them and improve your product everytime there is an option to do so. Looking for mobile marketing agency Canada? Learn More about SMS App Marketing In Canada.



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