SMS Marketing Edmonton

SMS Marketing Edmonton

GalaxyText is Edmonton’s leading provider of mobile marketing. By signing up and using our services you get the best prices in the industry and the best solutions. Our signature text message platform or sms message platform can provide you a strong punch into the world of mobile marketing. SMS Marketing in Edmonton will never be the same. We don’t just service Edmonton; all the way from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver, GalaxyText can help Canadian business achieve their mobile marketing goals and flourish within this competitive domain.

Our text message application is unmatched as we have features such as voting, polling, surveys, trivia, coupons, QR codes, appointment reminders and alert subscriptions to help create a cellphone database. This powerful approach will enable companies in Edmonton, even top 500 fortune companies achieve their mobile marketing goals. The point is to be able to communicate with your customers via their cell phones and remind them, or offer them value for being part of your text club. SMS Marketing Edmonton is the way to go in order to engage with your customers on a more personal level. Any business can profit from mobile marketing getting high return on investment such as restaurants or fast foods, night clubs, spas and salons, recruiting agencies, trade shoes, schools, churches and retail.

SMS Marketing in Edmonton

With a passionate team based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, GalaxyText can offer your company everything they need to compete in the mobile environment. We offer a sustainable approach to your marketing and only provide the best solutions. Choosing GalaxyText Mobile Marketing as your application marketing provider will be the best choice you have made. Visit our website and learn about the potential GalaxyText mobile marketing can offer and see why we offer the lowest prices in the industry and a team of passionate marketers.

SMS Marketing in Edmonton is growing by the day. Is your business part of this growth?