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Is Samsung Video Better than YouTube?

YouTube has begun a new experiment with paid subscriptions while Samsung is jumping into the video-streaming world with its own app for Galaxy devices. Milk Video is essentially an extension of the company’s recently released Milk Music streaming service. People … Continue reading

How Report Spam in Canada

Spam comes in many forms: Email, phone calls, sms (text messages). Canadians receive all types of Spam and more is being done now to prevent them. For example, Bell clients can fight sms spam by forwarding the message to short … Continue reading

SMS List Building

With the anti spam legislation in full swing. Short codes have become a hot commodity. Many businesses are now focusing on building their mobile database to reach out to their clients. SMS marketing Canada is a great way to reach … Continue reading

Montreal King of SMS Spam

The province of Quebec receives the most SMS spam of all provinces. Quebec was targeted more than any other province over the period, netting 39.6% of SMS attacks, followed by British Columbia (Vancouver) with 9.07%. Toronto, Ontario accounted a surprisingly … Continue reading

Canada SMS Contest – Text Contest Canada and Following The Rules

Mobile Marketing in Canada is different than in other countries, specifically using sms as your #1 tool. In Canada there are very strict laws that are put in place to protect the integreity of mobile marketing/sms marketing in Canada. Countries … Continue reading