How Report Spam in Canada

Spam comes in many forms: Email, phone calls, sms (text messages). Canadians receive all types of Spam and more is being done now to prevent them. For example, Bell clients can fight sms spam by forwarding the message to short code 7726 (SPAM).

Early this month Canada has adopted the CASL law. Basically this is a new legislation that helps Canadians to fight spam. So you might be wondering do you report spam when you get it? The easiest way is to go here:

Going to the fightspam website will allow you to write up the report. By going to the “Spam Reporting Centre” you first need to acknowledge the privacy statement and confirm your consent that you’ve understood the terms and privacy statements. Once you’ve done that you can continue on to step #2 in which you can either choose option 1 or option 2. Option 1 deals with text message spam. Option 2 deals with email spam in which you can forward your email spam to

On a more cautious note, if you or anyone encounters a phishing scam/fraudulent email please forward your messages to the Anti Fraud Centre and the APWG:


Both agencies have state of the art tools & systems to trace all emails to the original sender. By doing your part you are helping thousands of other Canadians who are effected by fraudulent emails.