Is Samsung Video Better than YouTube?

YouTube has begun a new experiment with paid subscriptions while Samsung is jumping into the video-streaming world with its own app for Galaxy devices. Milk Video is essentially an extension of the company’s recently released Milk Music streaming service. People have been raving about Milk Music and the many benefits that come from having it on your mobile device. Can Samsung Milk Video bring the same benefits? Is it better than YouTube?

Milk Video aggregates video content from all over the Web and categorizes it based on your preferences. The service has a strong social component and focuses on helping users to stumble upon videos that they would have never stumbled upon otherise. Part of Samsung’s service include the following: VICE, Red Bull, Vevo, Funny or Die, College Humor, Tastemade, AwesomenessTV, Refinery29, GQ, and more. A pretty decent lineup to start with. Similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, Samsung hopes to gain users with the promise of videos they won’t be able to find anywhere else, and to keep bringing exclusive videos only on their “Milk Video”.

Below are the devices that can hold Samsung Milk Video:

Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 Mini
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4 Mini
Galaxy S5
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Mega

The app unfortunately is only available in the US, and the app promises no ads on it. For iOS users who are curious about it, Samsung didn’t mention anything yet in porting the service on iOS. The company also didn’t say whether it plans to turn Milk Video into a paid subscription service in the future. Samsung is currently promoting the Milk Video across many platforms and building a loyal base. Their current goal is to get users to download their app and getting accustomed to it.