86,273 Players Can’t Beat the First Level. Can you?

We recently rolled out a Games Club App where we challenged you, the viewers, to try and beat the first level of the game. The idea behind the game was to mixed in action with point-clic adventures straight on your mobile device. The outcome? 86,273 players were not able to beat the first level.

The first thing that comes up about this game is that we created the first level and made it so difficult that it’s impossible for someone to beat it. However, we had 10 indie game testers try out the game and had a success rate of 60%. So that means that out of 10 random game testers, 6 were able to beat the first level and continue on with the game.

frustrated gamers play

Which brings up the question how 86,273 players who downloaded the game to their mobile phone were not able to do that. We found that the players who downloaded the game attempted to go through the map very quickly, on average of 5 minutes faster than the game testers who took 15 minutes to go through. In the end their patience and strategy allowed them to finish the first level while those who rushed by the level missed out on crucial hints and messages that would have allowed them to solve certain puzzles in the mansion.

The question is, can YOU be the first to beat the first level of our exclusive Games Club Galaxy Downloadable App?