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No SMS Spam in Canada Please – CASL to Protect Integrity of CEM

no sms spam

With the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation just a months away, CEMs (Consumer Electronic Message) will be going over a major facelift. Does this also affect SMS text marketing? … It sure does. The CWTA has notified all short code assignees … Continue reading

Have a List of Mobile Numbers That Your Business has Gathered Over Time? Put Them to Use!

The power of SMS marketing goes way beyond a list building tool. Although exposing a short code on a traditional offline sign is very beneficial on attracting new clients, what about you’re past clients? Many companies have spent months and … Continue reading

How Not To Do SMS Campaigns – The Mobile Marketing Meltdown of the Buffalo Bills

In April 2014 the National Football League Buffalo Franchise settled a 3 million dollar lawsuit. This is a perfect reason Sms marketing in Canada has moved in the right direction and the CWTA makes sure things don’t get out of … Continue reading

Smart Electric Bike Contest in Montreal Malls Using QR Codes For Engagement

Smart Electric Bike Contest in Montreal Malls Using QR Codes Concours

Right until June 29,2014 you can enter to win an electric smart bike in selected Montreal shopping malls. The guys over at mavilleelectrique.org are running this contest not only to give away it’s unique electric bicycle, but they are spreading … Continue reading

Bell Clients Can Fight SMS Spam

Not all Canadian short codes are used for mobile marketing, sms marketing or brand awareness. Many companies expose short codes while importing mobile numbers and “blasting” out SPAM from a dummy set (Mobile phone used to send out spam). Bell … Continue reading