No SMS Spam in Canada Please – CASL to Protect Integrity of CEM

With the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation just a months away, CEMs (Consumer Electronic Message) will be going over a major facelift. Does this also affect SMS text marketing? … It sure does.

The CWTA has notified all short code assignees of the new legislation making sure the word gets out about proper SMS marketing use. This cannot be overlooked by any means. SMS marketing should solely be used when someone agrees to subscribed. Once subscribed, the content delivered must comply at all times.

Canadian Canada Anti-Spam Legislation CASL SMS Email
Companies cannot use any forms of solicitation to engage or promise a recipient of an offer to purchase, provide a business or investment opportunity and most importantly promote an individual that may harm such is public image. Text message marketing is a glorious way to reach out and engage immediately. It’s fast, reliable and personal. However, put in the hands of the wrong people it can tarnish trust immediately.

We at Galaxy Text thrive on consulting and engaging our clients on a proper approach to maximize every campaign. We have the “been there, done that” approach, because we have covered all angles. We know what will work and how to engage your clients. We will make sure that all of your campaigns today and in the future are 100% compliant with all CWTA and CASL guidelines.