Investment and Job Creation in Canada

Here are some interesting facts brought to you by the CWTA. One of the major benefits to the rise of mobile marketing in Canada is that it creates jobs which gives a boost to our economy.

  • Wireless communications generate a total economic value of some $43 billion for the Canadian economy.
  • Canada’s wireless carriers have invested more than $30 billion in communications infrastructure.
  • The members of CWTA pay license fees in excess of $150 million each year – more than two-thirds of the total fees collected by Industry Canada from all spectrum users.
  • Over 261,000 people are employed in Canada as a result of the wireless industry. The wireless sector offers high value employment – it has an average salary level of $64,000, compared to a Canadian average salary of $44,000.
  • The demand for highly skilled wireless communications specialists is so great that Canadian post-secondary institutions are creating programs specifically geared to the wireless industry.

*Facts provided by the CWTA

Soon enough, colleges and universities will start offering Mobile Marketing courses either as majors or simply to achieve a certificate. Some parts of western Canada has already started offering these programs.  It will be exciting to see how this unfolds over the next couple of years.