Mobile Infographic Statistics – Mobile Usage in Montreal Survey

The man who sent the world’s first text message is Neil Papworth. He also happens to live in Montreal; a very tech savvy city. Those who pass by or better yet live here can see that the city is on top of the tech world in terms of communications. It’s no wonder why Montreal’s transit system was named the best in North America by the American Public Transportation Association in 2010.

With that said, there’s no better communication than through a mobile phone. Nothing in today’s age compares to the personal cellphone. So what do Montrealers think about mobile’s role in this city?

GalaxyText decided to do a survey on “Mobile Usage” in Montreal, and we also thought we could put all of our findings on this nice infographic below. Read the following infographic to see what is the state of mobile in Montreal.


Mobile Marketing Infographic Statistics - Mobile Usage in Montreal Survey