Montreal Mobile Marketing with SMS Text (Texto) Message Technology

Montrealers are texting now more than ever before. Approximately 18 million text messages are being sent in Montreal, Quebec daily and this is a pivotal for mobile marketing.

It’s very simple, through text message marketing or sms marketing Montreal you are asking your customers to opt-in to your text campaigns in which there is a 2 way exchange of communication. This allows you to send a message directly to your customers cellphone. The reason for this is because texts are checked instantly as opposed to using old email subscription services where is takes an average Canadian 48 hours to check their email and respond. Through SMS Marketing Montreal Quebec, smartphone users can receive a text message you send to them.

Mobile Marketing Made Easy Montreal Quebec Canada SMS Text Message Texto Publicité
How it works is that your company has the possession of a shortcode and a keyword. The keyword tells the customer what they are opting into. For example if you text the keyword PIZZA to 77223, you are opting into the Galaxy campaign. Then, whoever owns the keyword GALAXY can send a text message back to the cellphone. You can also offer value by adding a coupon campaign and giving your customers some sort of discount for their next purchase. This works best with restaurants or fast foods, night clubs, spas and salons, recruiting agencies, trade shoes, schools, churches and retail.

The best part about text messaging from GalaxyText is that we offer the service all across Canada such as Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. We’ve helped restaurant owners, Golf courses, schools, grocery stores, recruiting agencies, night clubs and real estate agents. To find more about what we offer contact us at 1-888-745-8398.