Société de transport de Montréal QR Code – Scan on Bus to Download a Book

If you’re one of the thousands of Montrealers who use the public transport everyday to get to and from home, then you’re in for a treat.

 Scan QR Code to Download a Book on the Bus

Currently running on select STM Buses you can Scan-to-download a digital copy of a book via the Virtual Library. It’s all part of their “LIRE VOUS TRANSPORTE” campaign, giving an added perk when you take an STM  bus in Montreal. A nice remedy to battle your long bus rides home.

STM Société de transport de Montréal Montreal Quebec Transport Mobile Bus QR Code Scan Mobile Marketing

How does it work?

At the top of the advertising space on your STM bus, look for the “LIRE VOUS TRANSPOTRE” billboard. There will be a number of QR Codes on the billboard each representing a particular book. By scanning the QR code with your mobile phone you will be asked to be directed to the book/livre mobile site where you can download the digital copy (of course at a cost).

This is another way for Société de transport de Montréal to engage customers via their mobile phone by providing a rich mobile experience in the STM transport system.