TELUS Subscribers Take a Hit with Increase in Cross Border SMS Delivery

If you a are new to mobile marketing in Canada or have inquired about sms marketing, you probably know that a Canadian short code cannot deliver and receive messages to a US mobile number.

If you are a TELUS subscriber and please consider checking your mobile plan as SMS message pricing for all messages sent to US numbers has increased.

Telus Cell Phone SMS Carrier
You now need to pay an add-on to avoid paying overages. Received SMS messages stays at a quarter, so you need to pay the extra package (5-10$/month), to be able to receive free incoming.

Sms messages from TELUS subscribers sending to a US customer jumps 15cents to 40 cents, while Rogers and Bell remain 35 cents.

Another reason International Mobile Marketing is still ways away from expanding in Canada. Mobile marketing inside Canada still remains the cheapest approach to boost awareness for now.