Why you need a Mobile Marketing Campaign, even if you’re not ready

You may not think you are ready to launch a mobile marketing campaign, but that it not actually relevant. What is important to know is that your customers are already accessing your website via their mobile phone (or trying to, anyway). Your customers are likely to be reading your email messages on their phones; they are using mobile to interact on their social media networks and may stumble upon your company’s name or website on their mobile devices. The fact is that your whether you are proactively reaching out with mobile marketing or not, your business is already interacting with customers in the mobile environment. If you are not paying attention to this, your business may be failing at mobile marketing already by simply ignoring it. Being one of the first in your industry or your neighborhood to create a mobile marketing campaign will give you the hometown advantage. You will be able to grab a good share of the audience because you’ll be one of the first to break ground on the process.

Mobile Marketing Campaign Montreal
Your customers are counting on you to be there when they reach out via mobile, and they will be likely to reward you by responding to what you offer. FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s says you own a restaurant in a neighborhood, and you start a text message campaign to alert people about Two-for-One nights )on those slower nights when you could use more people coming in the door). On those slow nights, this text message blast becomes a tool to get more customers than your competitors. The more quickly you are able to build your SMS opt-in contact list, the better the opportunity you build a robust following. So this is the right time to mobalize your business.

How to implement Mobile Marketing in your business now:

– If the agency is already managing your internet ads, print campaign, or television and radio spots, it can easily add a mobile campaign to those initiatives.

– If you work directly with a vendor or group of vendors, you need to have a plan of action formulated for your mobile marketing strategy and know where you expect each particular vendor to fit into that strategy.

-Expect to see prices for web-building services decrease and prices for mobile advertising increase as mobile usage becomes more popular. Text message rates are likely to be the most stable because the technology is so widely used. In addition to the mobile vendor fees, you will need to include a promotion budget to announce your mobile marketing campaign to the world. The bottom line is that promoting your mobile initiatives will get the word out quickly. You can easily integrate the mobile call-to-action into those other media without adding substantial cost to your marketing campaign budget.