Outsourcing Mobile Marketing, SMS, QR Codes and Mobile Apps

Outsourcing Mobile MarketingAs companies in the 21st century have grown both in size and intelligence, outsourcing has become the popular solution to being more competitive. Due to the complexity of new technologies, some companies cannot afford to invest heavily into a new department, or even a new workforce. Especially the with increase of smartphone adopotion, more and more marketers are turning to mobile marketing agencies to supply them with quick turnkey solutions.

Here are the 5 top reasons so many companies are turning mobile marketing over to outsourced experts:

5 Reasons to Outsource Mobile Marketing

1) FOCUS: It frees companies to concentrate on core competencies. Mobile Marketing does not produce a product, yet it can eat up a lot of an organization’s time and energy. A great Marketing department demands resources and continual oversight and innovation. Many organizations would rather focus on their core strengths and/or moneymakers by outsourcing mobile marketing.
2) MONEY: It saves money. Running an effective Mobile Marketing department costs big bucks. Many organizations do the math and just decide it’s not worth the investment. It also allows organizations to hire world-class specialists they could never afford to bring on-board permanently. This kind of virtual workforce will continue to find momentum, and positively impacts the bottom line.
3) PROTECTION: It improves compliance. There are a whole lot of regulations out there in the world of mobile marketing. There is the constant threat of lawsuits for spam, privacy, compliant messages, etc. When you hire a mobile specialist, these headaches become theirs.
4) GOALS: It improves the company’s overall campaign goal. Outsourcing your mobile marketing campaign(s) to a mobile professional will ensure that your campaign is completely optimized for reach, frequency and impact. Mobile marketing specialists will help you mold your campaign that best fits the companie’s goal and desired outcome. Leave it to the professionals who have experience in mobile marketing.
5) TECHNOLOGY: It provides access to the latest tools and technology. The most innovative mobile marketing agency will be up on the very latest technology, including unique 2-way messageing features, analytics, virtual strategic coaching, sms, cloud technology, mobile websites,  qr codes, social media, and so much more. Mobile marketin agencies will know how to exploit these technologies to meet an organization’s wants & needs.

Do Your Research

Those are some of the advantages to outsourcing mobile marketing. But it carries some very real risks. You will need to do your due diligence on certain providers and see which agency can stick with you till the end. Service providers have their own bottom lines, and sometimes the service they provide can be shady. Finding the right partners is absolutely critical. Outsourcing has the potential to make your organization flexible, more adaptive, smarter and more profitable. However, it must be done with foresight, savvy and a secure understanding.